Demo videos of MIDI Arranger

MIDI Arranger Tutorial - Part 1

A short getting started guide with MIDI Arranger and FluidSynth.

MIDI Arranger + FluidSynth

In this video, everything comes out of that LG phone. MIDI Arranger is connected to FluidSynth. Thank you, Ronny, for this demo!

MIDI Arranger + Korg Kronos - Trance

Experimenting here with CC MIDI events. They increase and decrease the effects on Kronos when I am activating a scene of type Pad.

Romanian Christmas Carol

Christmas time!

MIDI Arranger - 16Ballad, Kontakt 5, Alesis VI61

In this video MIDI Arranger is connected to Kontakt on my PC. I am using a USB Midi cable. MIDI Out is connected to my Komplete Audio 6 audio interface (to PC). MIDI In goes to Alesis VI61 midi keyboard. I am also using External Controls in MIDI Arranger where I mapped buttons from Alesis VI61 to functions in MIDI Arranger, like changing variations.

Older videos... When MIDI Arranger was still young :)

He's A Pirate

Imported from a Yamaha Style I downloaded from called "MovieSoundtrack.sty", version for Tyros 3.

Rise Up - Yves Larock

Improvisation - With Nexus 10

Transformers - Dark of the Moon