Music Auto Accompaniment and Sequencer Software for Android

The goal of MIDI Arranger App is to add an Arranger functionality to a Synthesizer and offer an intuitive Piano Roll editing interface for quick and easy Style creation. It can be used as a Sequencer.

It does not produce sound by itself, it communicates through MIDI with a sound Synthesizer which can be an App (like FluidSynth) or a hardware Synthesizer connected to USB.

MIDI Arranger Features

Android MIDI Arranger - Recording

Live Recording and MIDI Sync

Notes and Midi Control events can be recorded from the keyboard.
MIDI Arranger can send MIDI clock events to your keyboard to synchronize tempo.

Android MIDI Arranger - Visual Editing

Visual Editing

Notes and Midi Control events can be added and tweaked while MIDI Arranger is running.
This allows you to change them until you are satisfied with the result.

Android MIDI Arranger - transpose in new chord and root key

Transpose in new chord and root key

When playing live, MIDI Arranger will recognized chords played on the keyboard and harmonize your arrangement accordingly.

Android MIDI Arranger - Flexibility


MIDI Arranger also allows you to define specific patterns for different chord types.
This allows different music nuances for different chord types.

Android MIDI Arranger - Intuitive organizing

Intuitive organizing

You can put Styles in Categories and Subcategories defined by you.

Android MIDI Arranger - Cloud Sync

Yamaha STY

MIDI Arranger can import Yamaha Styles Format 1 directly in app.
Multiple Styles can be imported from a zip file.