Known Issues
There are some known issues you should be aware of before using MIDI Arranger.

Some of issues are related to Android OS and USB Host mode, so pay attention to those.
Also, older devices might not be powerful enough to run MIDI Arranger well.

Known Issues

  • On Android < 6, sometimes, after few hours of usage, USB connection breaks up and cable must be unplugged and plugged in again.
  • On Android < 6, when app is closed (it goes into background) USB connection is also closed. When you re-open the App and click CONNECT it will connect without asking for USB permission but MIDI IN will not work right. Cable must be unplugged and plugged in again.
  • Some old devices have a higher latency which might not be within acceptable range.
  • MIDI Arranger styles do not support Pitch Bend yet.
  • Import from Yamaha Style will not import everything. Some features which are not supported by MIDI Arranger will not be imported.
  • Import from Yamaha Style only supports Format 1. You can use Style Format 2 Converter to convert a Format 2 style to Format 1.
  • SYNC function do not handle deletes yet. If you delete a Style, Category or Subcategory on your device it will not be deleted from your account and not synced with your other devices.