MIDI Arranger User FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about MIDI Arranger

  • Can I import Styles from other formats?
    • In Style Library styles in Yamaha Format 1 can be imported one by one.
    • Also, a zip file can be uploaded containing multiple styles. In this case the root folders are considered categories, sub-folders are subcategories and styles must be located in sub-folders.
    • Yamaha Style in Format 2 can be converted to Format 1 using Style Format 2 Converter.
  • What are the minimum requirements for this App?
    • Android 4.4 (SDK 19), but we recommend Android 6 which comes with native MIDI support.
    • If your device is old, it must support USB Host mode.
    • A micro USB OTG cable for devices with micro USB.
    • A USB MIDI class compliant Synthesizer for USB or an App that acts as a Synthesizer, like FluidSynth.
  • What are the steps to get started with MIDI Arranger?
    • Start MIDI Arranger and then plug in your synthesizer to OTG cable.
    • A popup will show up informing you a Synthesizer was detected and ask if you want to connect to it. Click Yes.
    • Grant permission to use the USB when asked.
    • If you answer No then connection can be re-initiated by clicking CONNECT button.
    • A MIDI Settings popup will show up when you can select MIDI IN/OUT devices.
    • Connection Successful message will be displayed and CONNECT button will change to CONNECTED.
    • Very Important!
      If MIDI Arranger don't detect your Synthesizer when you plug it in then your device (tablet or phone) might not support USB Host mode or cables are faulty.
      Please check your device specifications if USB Host is supported.
      An easy way to check USB Host is to connect a computer mouse to your OTG and see if it works.
  • Does this App have midi over WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities?
    • No, it can only connect through USB midi.